Focusing Our Practice Wellness & Technology is the Key


At Fort Collins Family Eye Care, we are thrilled to be able to offer the services that our patients need to prevent and treat diseases, discomfort, and headaches. Our primary focus is on the patient experience and wellness, and our technology allows us to deliver a higher level of care and an expanded menu of wellness-focused services. 

Eye care isn’t just about 20/20. It’s about overall wellness, comfort, and the ability to participate in your own life. At Fort Collins Family Eye Care, technology facilitates diagnosis and treatment, getting you back to optimal wellness as efficiently as possible. 

Our Three Main Areas of Practice

We’ve divided our practice into three main areas: preventative care, Vision Performance, and the EyeSpa. In each of these areas of practice, we utilize our technology to protect the culture of prevention that we’ve cultivating and to accurately and efficiently discover the root cause of present and potential issues. 

Nothing exists in isolation, and this holds true within our practice as well. Each area of practice is intricately linked to the others and works in harmony to give patients the ultimate experience in patient care, wellness, and comfort in their own lives. 

The Role of Technology at Fort Collins Family Eye Care 

In our practice, we use technology to give all of our patients an unparalleled patient experience. Before every appointment, whether with Fort Collins Family Eye Care, the Vision Performance Center, or the EyeSpa, patients are asked to fill out a series of surveys that help Dr. Munson and her team of Wellness Heroes determine which tests need to be run. 

In each area of practice, Dr. Munson uses technology to aid in diagnosis and treatment. For instance, if a patient has dry eye, she may need treatments from the EyeSpa such as LipiFlow™ or Blephex®. If you are dealing with an eye misalignment, neurolens® may be sufficient, but you may also need vision performance training at our Vision Performance Center to treat the root of the misalignment. 

All 3 entities work in harmony to provide the best in eye care, vision performance training, and ocular skin care and lash care. 

Notable wellness-centered technology 

We have a whole suite of technology that works together to help our family of patients be dry eye-free, headache-free, and vision performance masters.  


The neurolens® measurement device speeds up the diagnosis of dry eye disease because it allows us to differentiate true ocular surface disease from pseudo dry eye caused by trigeminal dysphoria. Additionally, the neurolens® therapeutic lenses ease the symptoms of trigeminal dysphoria, helping patients feel relief from headaches, dry eye symptoms, neck strain, and eye discomfort. 


Lipiflow™ uses thermal pulsation to treat meibomian gland dysfunction and relieve the symptoms of dry eye. 


Blephex® cleans the surface of your eye lids to eliminate bacterial build-up and biofilm that collects on the eyelids and causes inflammation. By improving the health of your eyelids, you will feel a relief from dry eye symptoms. 


Pellevé® uses radiofrequency to promote the production of collagen, tighten the delicate skin around your eyes, and treat the symptoms of meibomian gland dysfunction. 


Diposys® measures your Visual Evoked Potential (VEP) to objectively measure how your eyes communicate and transmit information to your brain, measuring the strength of the signal that is sent from your retina to your visual cortex. 

To learn more about our suite of technology, visit our technology page or call or text our office at (970) 223-7150 to schedule an appointment! 


Technology isn’t all there is

We’ve integrated technology into our practice completely, but it isn’t just the technology itself that provides the unparalleled patient experience that patients have come to expect from Fort Collins Family Eye Care. Dr. Munson is an expert in dry eye care and the founder of Colorado’s Dry Eye Society. In the EyeSpa, we have one of the only aesthetically-trained eye lid hygienists in the country, and we have a team of dedicated Wellness Heroes who can help you achieve optimal wellness and enhance your experience at every step of the way. 

Technology enhances our patient care and supports the culture of wellness and prevention that we have worked hard to cultivate. We are honored and impressed with our passionate family of patients who have been advocates in our community to spread the word wellness and prevention. Eye care is about people, and technology lets us better care for people. 

Ready to see how our suite of technology can enhance your life? Call or text us today at (970) 223-7150 today to schedule your appointment!

Dr. Munson originally published an article about technology in her practice in the magazine Women in Optometry titled “Refocus Your Practice on Wellness—With Technology as the Key.”