COlorado’s Dry Eye Society

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Colorado’s Dry Eye Society, or CODES, is a society of passionate providers from various complementary disciplines sharing the best practices and education to ensure the long-term quality of life for patients. We are dedicated to a collaborative approach to patient care and developing a unified platform to treat patients together. 


Disciplines & Providers involved in CODES: 

  • Eye Care Providers

  • Physician Extenders such as Nurse Practitioners & Physician’s Assistants

  • Rheumatology Specialists

  • Physical and Occupational Therapy

  • Chiropractic Providers

  • Nutrition & Naturopathic Providers

  • Head & Brain Injury Specialists

  • Neuro-rehabilitation Providers

  • Endocrinologists

  • Cardiovasular Specialists

  • Primary Care Providers

  • Pediatric Specialists

 At CODES, we have representatives across the state who are working together to share best practices and education so that we can all work together for the betterment of our patients. 


Our Mission: 

Our mission at CODES is to unify medical specialties to be able to spend the healthcare budget well and be a part of the fixing budget problem. We aim to change the way that patients are treated. Believing that prevention really is the best form of treatment, we want to work together to catch any problems early so that we can better serve the public and our patients. 

We are a grassroots society of providers who live in the healthcare field every day. We are patient-outcome centered, root-cause solution finders. We are our patients’ advocates. We leave our white coats at the door and humble ourselves to really work in the best interest of our patients. 


What Does It Mean to be a Member? 

Members of CODES are a part of a collaborative and prevention-focused group of healthcare providers from various fields who are excited to work together to help change the way that the healthcare system is working for patients. Collaboration is key.

How do I become a Wellness Ambassador?

If you have personally benefited from the collaborative fruits of CODES, patient outcome improved, root cause solution found, then celebrate the victory! We believe that every patient who walks out the door with more knowledge is a wellness ambassador. Share your knowledge with your community, be an activist for wellness, and celebrate wellness and collaboration!

Do you want to join us during our next event?

Join us during our next CODES event! We would love to have you be a part of our effort to change the lives of our patients and the people in our community.


CODES Advisory Board Founders

Liz Erley - Boulder Market

Tom Cruse - Denver Market

Dustin Assay - Northern Colorado

Jaclyn Munson - Northern Colorado

Allie Rheulen - Southern Colorado

Jordan McLaughlin - Pediatric Wellness Ambassador Coordinator

Marina Rios - Aesthetics Wellness Ambassador Coordinator

Brandon Abel - Virtual & Mobile Care Coordinator

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