digital vision syndrome


Take our self-test to find out whether or not you have digital vision syndrome!

get Real relief for the real symptoms of our digital world.

Our digital world puts an unprecedented demand on our visual system, but you don’t have to live with the pain and discomfort caused by our constant use of technology!

Our eyes developed so that we could see things at farther distances. However, today’s technology has changed the way that we use our eyes. Neurolens® is a new technology that is designed to help ring you relief from the symptoms caused by our digital world.

The latest technology in eye care will give you real relief from your symptoms. We’re offering a new therapeutic approach to treating headaches, dry eyes, neck and shoulder stiffness, tired eyes, and dizziness.

Are you ready to find out if you have digital vision syndrome?

Do you get headaches? *
• You get headaches of any severity each week (even just a dull ache counts) • Your headaches tend to get worse later in the day • Your headaches are generally worse at work than they are at home or on weekends
Do you get stiffness or pain in your neck / shoulders? *
• Your neck gets still and sore when you work at a computer or read (this might even be from your posture) • You experience frequent tension in your head, neck, or shoulders • You get frequent massages/chiropractic adjustments
Do you have discomfort during computer use? *
• You feel like you are more productive at work in the morning vs. the afternoon • Your eyes get tired, burn, or get red easily when you work at a computer for long hours
Do you ever experience tired eyes? *
• Your eyes feel fatigued/tired at the end of a workday • Your eyes generally feel better in the morning compared to at the end of the day
Do you get dry eye sensation? *
• Your eyes and or contacts tend to dry our when you are working at a computer or reading • Your eyes progressively feel more dry/sandy/gritty as the day goes on
Do you ever experience light sensitivity? *
• Driving at night is difficult because of glare from the headlights • Fluorescent lights bother you in large spaces (grocery stores, department stores, etc.)
Do you ever experience dizziness? *
• Riding in a car give you motion sickness • You sometimes feel a sensation of vertigo or disconnectedness from your environment
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