Great place. Dr Munson is awesome — Teancum W.   (Patient since 2018)
Great place. Very friendly. Dr Munson is awesome with my teenagers.
Mar 1, 2018


Every time I visit your office I feel really ca... — Patricia R.   (Patient since 2017)
Every time I visit your office I feel really cared about.... You and your staff are skilled, efficient and personable. This gives me confidence in trusting my sight to you. Thank you sincerely.
Feb 16, 2018      


Annual Eye Exam — Michelle H.   (Patient since 2018)
I’m Interested in her dry eye research and will participate in the procedure in the next few months. I’m curious about insurance coverage on this process.
Feb 10, 2018


I was very impressed with Dr. Musson's medical ... — John K.   (Patient since 2018)
I was very impressed with Dr. Musson's medical points that had never been made to me before. All the staff appeared very capable and were extremely helpful.
Feb 10, 2018


Kendra H — Kendra H.   (Patient since 2018)
Dr. Munson and her staff are friendly and professional. They spend such quality time paying close attention to detail in every aspect of an eye exam, without rushing you through. It’s the way health care should be.
Feb 10, 2018


Diopsys Testing — Russell M.   (Patient since 2017)
I visited Fort Collins Family Eye Care on February 2 for diopsys testing. I was greeted immediately by the staff and the technician who conducted the testing which was totally painless and lasted only a few minutes. Following the testing, the staff arranged another visitation in a couple of weeks to discuss the results.
Feb 4, 2018


  — Lauren G.   (Patient since 2017)
My experience with Fort Collins Famiy Eye Care and Dr. Munson was nothing but positive! Everyone was friendly and knowledgeable; this was my first visit to Dr. Munson but it felt like I had known her for years. She was very helpful in finding the right products for my eyes.
Dec 17, 2017


Best eye care anywhere! — Douglas P.   (Patient since 2017)
Exceptional service from the check in process to the check out process. Dr. Munson and her staff are very professional and explain everything during your visit and are very clear about all options available for the future of your eye care.
Dec 7, 2017


My most recent appointment to Fort Collins Eye ... — Sharon S.   (Patient since 2017)
My most recent appointment to Fort Collins Eye Care went very well. I was running a few minutes late due to construction in the area. The staff were very accommodating, reassuring and welcoming. They were very efficient in completing the assessments, and scheduling me for a follow up to go over results. I always feel like I am treated with care and respect. Thanks
Dec 3, 2017


Love your clinic and the people are great! — Jerome H.   (Patient since 2017)
Love your clinic and the people are great!
Nov 28, 2017


I appreciate the professional and friendly atmo... — Marga S.   (Patient since 2017)
I appreciate the professional and friendly atmosphere at Fort Collins Family Eye Center. I know I will receive the best care and advice for my eyes!
Nov 23, 2017


Dr Munson has always been amazing! She takes he... — Tegan D.   (Patient since 2017)
Dr Munson has always been amazing! She takes her time and answers every question we have! They also have a great selection of glasses!
Nov 4, 2017


Breath of Fresh Air — Sharon H.   (Patient since 2017)
Dr. Munson is a breath of fresh air to this long established eye clinic. The services she had added, the very friendly and knowledgeable staff and the fresh new paint and décor makes me feel like a valued patient. Thank you, Sharon Hartman
Oct 8, 2017


Very pleasant experience and skilled assistant.... — Kristi B.   (Patient since 2017)
Very pleasant experience and skilled assistant.
Sep 17, 2017


Fantastic service and friendly staff! — Justin O.   (Patient since 2017)
The appointment process was easy. They got me in the same day. The staff was incredibly friendly and helpful. Dr. Munson is top notch and I will be recommending her to my friends and family.
Aug 31, 2017


Great staff, family friendly environment, all a... — Ashton H.   (Patient since 2017)
Great staff, family friendly environment, all around positive experience.
Aug 22, 2017


All went well & better than expected in most ca... — Jeannette K.   (Patient since 2017)
All went well & better than expected in most cases.
Jul 19, 2017


Highly Recommend  — Laura B.   (Patient since 2017)
Dr. Munson and her team are seriously amazing! I feel really empowered with knowledge about my eye health, and I'm always treated with personalized care, respect, and friendliness.
Jun 25, 2017


I find your reception team and the technicians ... — Paul F.   (Patient since 2017)
I find your reception team and the technicians extremely friendly. I sense that Dr. Munson's concern for my health is genuine
May 10, 2017


New hope.  — Kenneth A.   (Patient since 2017)
I was in a accident over a year ago and suffered a concussion. Ever since then I have had vision problems. I didn't have hope that my vision would return to normal. But after seeing Dr Munson she has given me hope. That my vision will return to what it was before my accident and my headaches may go away as well.
May 7, 2017


Great place to get annual exam and urgent issue... — Margaret F.   (Patient since 2017)
Great place to get annual exam and urgent issues taken care of. Staff are knowledgeable and friendly.
Apr 23, 2017


Great Family Eyes Cares — Vivienne D.   (Patient since 2017)
Agreeable staff Wonderful visit Dr Munson is awesome Thank you
Apr 17, 2017


Thank you for taking the time to recheck my eye... — Kristen G.   (Patient since 2017)
Thank you for taking the time to recheck my eyes and answer my questions. The staff are always very helpful.
Apr 6, 2017


Broken Glasses — Sharon H.   (Patient since 2017)
I don't have a back up pair of glasses. Your office was able to give me a loaner frame with my lenses until the bows arrive. I was desperate and your staff took care of me WELL!!
Mar 25, 2017


Good Job. Thanks for the great service. — Kevin C.   (Patient since 2017)
Good Job. Thanks for the great service.
Mar 22, 2017


I appreciate Dr. Munson and the Staff Members — Judith C.   (Patient since 2017)
I have appreciated the engaging, knowledgeable staff members and Dr. Munson's expertise.
Mar 13, 2017


I appreciate the text reminders for appointment... — Colin J.   (Patient since 2017)
I appreciate the text reminders for appointments! I also really like the emails that I get from the business. We enjoy working with you all to help us with our son's eye care. Happy New Year! Have a wonderful 2017!
Dec 30, 2016


Extremely helpful and pleasant practice — Nicholas V. 
Extremely detailed in procedures and after care. Very diligent in connecting with patient and providing excellent care. You can tell Dr. Munson really cares. I'm bringing in my child in when he turns 6 months!
Dec 26, 2016


 — Darlene P. 
I love Dr. Munson. She is a warm and caring person who takes the time to understand your needs/concerns. The staff is very friendly.
Dec 22, 2016


Great experience at Fort Collins Family Eye Car... — Kendra H.   (Patient since 2018)
Great experience at Fort Collins Family Eye Care.
Dec 21, 2016


Excellent friendly service — Peter W.   (Patient since 2017)
Excellent friendly service
Dec 18, 2016


High blood pressure was ignored — John T.   (Patient since 2017)
My blood pressure was very high for me and I was surprised that the techs that took it did not share the results with Dr. Munson
Dec 17, 2016


Very impressed! — Marga S.   (Patient since 2016)
Recently moved to Ft. Collins and had an issue with my eye that needed attention. I was referred to Dr. Munson by a friend, and am so happy I was! The staff greeted me graciously right away, I was seen right away, and Dr. Munson quickly assessed my situation and made a recommendation for treatment. She also took the time to ask me about my family history, work, diet, etc. and educated me about things I can do to improve my eye health. A great experience!
Dec 16, 2016


We are so appreciative to Dr. Munson for gettin... — Camden C.   (Patient since 2017)
We are so appreciative to Dr. Munson for getting our 7-year-old in immediately after he ripped his cornea. We followed up with her two days later and his eye had already healed with no permanent damage. This was a very stressful situation for us and Dr. Munson handled it professionally and assured us our son was getting the best care possible. We are continuing medication for a few more days, but otherwise our little guy is "back to normal." Thank you Dr. Munson.
Dec 16, 2016


Dr. Munson is very thorough in her eye exam & i... — Marvin U.   (Patient since 2017)
Dr. Munson is very thorough in her eye exam & identified a potential risk factor for me that indicated further testing. She was clear in her explanation & description of follow up care.
Dec 10, 2016


Always in Good Hands — Katarina J. 
We always appreciate Dr. Munson's thorough, accurate, and honest evaluations and explanations! She is compassionate and gifted!
Nov 19, 2016


Patient — David P.   (Patient since 2018)
I have been coming thee at least once a year for some time and have been very comfortable doing so. I saw nothing and felt nothing during this visit to alter that opinion. Dr. Bateman has left his practice to, obviously, very capable hands and can enjoy his retirement with that assurance, Dr. Munson; you are going to enjoy many years of an equally successful doubt in my mind. Sincerely, David L Parker
Nov 4, 2016


 — Sheila P.   (Patient since 2017)
Dr. Munson is the most knowledgable eye dr. I have ever been to. She continues to improve her practice with the latest developments, but she researchs to make sure the benefits will be there. Her "chair side" manner is sincere and friendly. Her staff has the best customer service I have seen in years.
Nov 3, 2016


"Dr. Munson and the staff are exceptional... — Eli L.   (Patient since 2017)
"Dr. Munson and all of the staff are exceptional! Dr. Munson spent a long time examining our son and explaining everything to us. She discovered much more during her examination than the Opthamologist we saw previously (who was recommended by our Pediatrician). Dr. Munson has an outstanding bedside manner. She's very kind and patient and I believe she truly cares about us. We are extremely thankful for her. Everyone on the staff has been very kind, patient, friendly and helpful as well.
Oct 29, 2016


First visit with Dr. Munson  — Ryan M.   (Patient since 2017)
This was our first time meeting with Dr. Munson after my son being under years of care with Dr. Bateman. She immediately put both of us at ease. She clearly explained the results of my son's exam and answered all of our questions. She even took the time to explain to my son his visual needs by applying them to his special interest - baseball! We are looking forward to a contact lens assessment next visit. Thanks Dr. Munson for your quality and compassionate care.
Oct 21, 2016


Very Late — Joshua R. 
You got us in and the glasses fitter was super sweet and knowledgeable. But we had to wait almost 20 min after our appointed time.
Oct 15, 2016


EXCELLENT + Very knowledgeable , caring made expe... — Albert K.   (Patient since 2017)
EXCELLENT + Very knowledgeable , caring made experience enjoyable . Thanks
Oct 14, 2016


You are in good hands! — Sandra S.   (Patient since 2017)
I always feel I am in the best of hands when Dr. Munson does the exam. She takes her time to answer all concerns and explains things in a way the average person can understand.
Oct 12, 2016


Thorough and professional — Doyle S.   (Patient since 2017)
Thorough and professional, that describes Dr. Munson best. She takes her time with you and answers all questions so the patient can understand things easily.
Oct 12, 2016


Dr. Munson provides an incredible atmosphere of h... — Raleigh S. 
Dr. Munson provides an incredible atmosphere of healthy eye care and encouragement of her young patients! We had a great annual visit with good information on our eye health plan!
Oct 5, 2016


Seth and I couldn't be happier with Dr. Munson. S... — Seth B. 
Seth and I couldn't be happier with Dr. Munson. She was pleasant, educated and so very kind!
Sep 28, 2016


Great new doc at the old practice! — Martha T.   (Patient since 2017)
I have been going to the practice formerly owned by Ron Bateman since I first moved to Fort Collins in 1989 as a graduate student. I had an outstanding experience with him and subsequently my husband and kids have also been going to his practice since the mid-90s. We were sad to see him retire (but happy for him) and went in last week to meet the new owner. We were greeted by Dr. Munson's friendly and efficient staff and run through preliminary exams similar to those we expected from our experience with Dr. Bateman. We then met with Dr. Munson who was professional at the same time very friendly. She listened to our various concerns, performed an efficient and complete eye exam and then gave us the results in a clear and concise manner. We are very happy with the transition and will continue to attend this practice that has been so important to our family.
Sep 27, 2016     


This is the place to go for your next eye exam! — Howard S.   (Patient since 2017)
From the minute I walked in to the minute I walked out the staff and doctors treated me with kindness and respect. Answered all of my questions with clarity and ease of understanding. They explained all the tests as we went and made certain I understood. Probably the most important thing is along with their professional demeanor they also had a great sense of humor!
Sep 23, 2016


— Brogan W.   (Patient since 2017)
Dr. Munson is an outstanding doctor. She truly cares for each and everyone of her patients and their needs. We so appreciate her!!
Sep 15, 2016