Dr. Munson uses the latest technology to not only get a view of your eyes but to watch the cellular changes in the eye and examine the neural pathways from the eye to the brain.


TearLab Osmolarity Testing 

Some types of dry eye disease occur when your eyes do not produce enough tears or poor quality tears are produced. It is essential to gather a sample of tears from each eye using the TearLab device to measure osmolarity (the saltiness of your tears). As osmolarity in your tears increase ocular surface cells become damaged. Once a diagnosis is made, the earliest form of preventative care will be discussed with our Dr. Munson and the Wellness team.  Look for additional inflammatory markers specific to systemic diseases and allergy testing will be analyzed and measured with this technology. Watch for more updates!  

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BlephEx® is a painless in-office procedure performed by your eyecare professional or trained eyegeinist. A revolutionary new patented BlephEx® handpiece is used to very precisely and carefully, spin a medical grade micro-sponge along the edge of your eyelids and lashes, removing scurf and debris and exfoliating your eyelids. The patented micro-sponge is disposable and for optimal cleaning and exfoliating, a fresh clean one is used for each individual eyelid. The eyes are rinsed well afterwards. The procedure lasts about 6 -8 minutes. Most patients simply report a tickling sensation. A numbing drop is usually placed in each eye prior to treatment for increased comfort.After the procedure, the patient is instructed on how to maintain their clean eyelids with regular nightly lid hygiene. Since home treatments are only semi-effective, the procedure is typically repeated at 4-6 month intervals.

LipiView® II 

LipiView® II Ocular Surface Interferometer with Dynamic Meibomian Imaging™ (DMI) measures lipid layer thickness (LLT) with nanometer accuracy, captures blink dynamics, and images meibomian gland structure. The LipiView II Interferometer features patented technology that provides a sophisticated assessment of factors that contribute to dry eye. Compelling visuals and video captures provide a unique opportunity to educate patients about their personal ocular health. 

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Diopsys® NOVA™ technology allows us to do electroretinography (ERG) and measure visual evoked potential (VEP). Fort Collins Family Eye Care is currently only one of two offices in the state of Colorado to be able to offer this technology. This technology allows us to recognize disease and other changes at the cellular level. 

HD AnalyzerTM

Our HD AnalyzerTM allows Dr. Munson to objectively determine whether your tear film or lens are contributing to a loss of vision quality. This can help determine if the best treatment option for you right now is Lasik, cataract surgery, or dry eye care.



 Other technologies:  

Our Oculus Topographer allows us to get a detailed physical picture of the structures of the front of the eye including the Meibomian glands which allows us to diagnose complex diseases such as Dry Eye Disease.

Our Digital Retinal cameras allow us to detect changes in the retina and can help early treatment of macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and glaucoma.

Our Pellevé technology allows us to treat Dry Eye Disease by stimulating the oil producing glands for better quality tear production. Using radio frequency technology to heat the glands allows for the tears to become more balanced increasing moisture and comfort.



At Fort Collins Family Eye Care we are proud to bring the latest dry eye technology and treatments to our patients. The ocular surface is a delicate structure and is vulnerable to potential environmental, hormonal, medicinal, and performance insults by the nature of its function and anatomic location. Disruption of the physiological integrity may or may not produce symptoms. Therefore, investigation of the component parts of the ocular surface must be performed. PREVENTION IS THE BEST FORM OF TREATMENT.

Our Vision Performance Center is able to help patients who need additional treatment through vision therapy. These vision therapy treatments are custom-designed for each patient's diagnosis and are designed to help the patients visual processing system function more efficiently. Patients who typically see improvement are children who are struggling with reading comprehension in school, adults who suffer from computer fatigue syndrome at work or athletes who are interested in improving their coordination. 

Our Eye Spa is available to help patients who may be experiencing discomfort due to dry eye or other physical conditions. The Eye Spa is also able to enhance the skin around the eyes to a more youthful appearance. We also provide optometrist-recommended skin care to maintain healthy, glowing skin.