"We are an enthusiastic group of national thought leaders bound by a culture of clinical excellence and advocacy, delivering results with the patient's optimal wellness serving as the hero of the story."

Fort Collins Family Eye Care has been serving the community for over 45 years. As a leader in eye disease prevention, advanced ocular surface management, and vision therapy, we find helping patients achieve optimal wellness to be our greatest reward and the hero of our story. 

As technology advances, we take every initiative to give our patients the latest treatments, tests, and therapies. We can't say it enough: we care about your eye health, and we want to make sure you are seeing your very best for your entire life. 

Whether you are an athlete looking to improve your visual performance or a mother looking for eye care for her entire family, Fort Collins Family Eye Care has the resources and the experts you need to care for your eyes.




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As part of Fort Collins Family Eye Care’s family of services, we also offer a vision therapy clinic, Vision Performance Center, and the Eye Spa. These services are provided in the same building and available to patients seeking additional care beyond routine optometric care.